Ion Trap


14 October 2017

How Nigg used AOM:

  1. shift laser frequency
  2. in Laser locking system: “noise eater”, high bandwidth frequency control
  3. shift laser frequency of the $\sigma_+$ & $\pi$ in Raman Operation

How Hempel used AOD for addressing:

Two traps

AC Stark in a composite pulse sequence:

The paper Hempel cited about EOD: New J. Phys. 15 123012

Time dependence of the voltage on the EOD switching between two neighboring ions.
1. With the mortorized lens, move the beam onto the center of the ion string
2. Find the EOD voltages for every individual ions. Fit a Gaussian envelope to the excitation rate as a function of the (?)lens position(?) (Why not as a function of EOD voltage?). 

OD qualification:

Kumph thesis:


Gooch & Housego



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但确实就是想要有大偏转很难, 1kV的驱动只能偏转几mrad.